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I haven't made anything to share for a while and I'll admit I feel a little shitty about it. The only thing I've really done lately is put together lots for Cutler scenes, but with all the shit in my game and the process I have to go through (of bouncing between desktop and laptop to eliminate included garbage), I rarely have interest in sharing them. Even if I do love the bookstore.

In any case, I've been thinking about converting some of my downloads to Sims3. I have more fun playing it because there's no pressure of things being *just so*, and I don't have to be a rigid bossy asshole. More or less, Sims2 takes a while to load and it feels too much like work as all I use it for is storytelling and making stuff these days. I set up that post-apocalyptic BACC game and played maybe twice several months ago.

So at the moment I'm thinking my mini skirts (assuming candylover gives me permission to re-texture her mesh) and the off-shoulder sweaters will be up first.

Why I felt the need to rattle on about this? No idea. Ohai.
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This post is mostly for myself to keep track of what needs to be done, seeing as I always lose the papers I write on. News flash? Yui is a slob.

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World Pics

Apr. 20th, 2011 01:48 pm
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My world still doesn't have a name, but some buildings have gone up and I've decided to show a handful of pics. Man do I have a long way to go! -.-

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I'm trying my hand at making a custom world for The Sims 3. It's... more difficult than I thought it would be. It took over four hours just to sort out the mountains and get the roads connecting right, not to mention the bridges. I could raise them one minute and not the next, then I realized it was the grid disallowing it. Heh!

Now I don't really know what to do. There's so many things I could add but I don't know where to start. I found rather quickly that I missed the cluster of firs and pines from TS2. Didn't matter what you did, they always seemed to look good along mountain ranges. I can't seem to do anything decent with these ones. Doesn't look natural... just messy. Blargh.
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Five days left and I've yet to open the game to take pics for anything. Not to mention play my post-apocalyptic hood to get my founders two sprogs growing, so I can finally start playing the NLC4 and post by the 1st. What crap timing for everything, my goodness.

It's kind of sad that I'm more excited for a video game release than putting out shineh sim stuff for people to use. I used to enjoy it so much more, but maybe it's just that I've gotten damn lazy.

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Okay, I have become the biggest dork ever. I've been poking at things in Sims3, mainly because I play that more now and felt like I should at least try to make something other than sims and houses. There was a lot of cussing and whining over many failed attempts, but when things finally worked... loud squeals. Yes.

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I might be crazy, but on top of finishing things for the birthday, getting those conversions going, storytelling, and keeping up with my workout routine, I've decided to officially play the S2S Nova Legacy Challenge 4. Why? APOCALYPSE! I want more of a reason to play the hood I set up. Or I should say, dropped a "house" on and put some hood deco around. Not really set up =P I just have to wait until what's-her-face has two kids (she's pregnant with the first now) before I can drop in their founder, as it's a build a city challenge. I'm also going to play in Sims3 unofficially as I've honestly had more fun playing that lately. Well, unless I find myself more interested in building up Jesse and Sloane's family again since reinstalling. Must. Have. A. Boy!
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I've been having a lot of trouble concentrating on much of anything lately (aside from working out and playing on my PS3, apparently), but today I finally managed to throw together a texture for my new athletic mesh. A shitty Milkshape preview this way... )
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The alpha mesh editing went better than I was expecting, though I found out in the end the original fit state had problems. At least it wasn't my fault? Unfortunately bone weights are over my head.

Regardless, my post-apocalyptic build a city challenge founder can have a wrecked dress with a preg morph when she starts marinating the spawn. Not that she even has a mate yet, let alone anything on her little piece of land.


Nov. 25th, 2010 03:56 pm
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I recolored the H&M shop set and completely forgot about the hanging clothes racks. Failsauce, Yui. Way to go! At some point I have to take interesting pictures for the banners too... unless someone wants to help me out? *bats eyelashes* No? Okay :(

For now I don't care, it's time to play Bioshock :P
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I decided to sign up for the GOS Secret Santa this year and while I was rather nervous at first, I am feeling quite excited now! Probably helps that I was assigned someone I kind of know with similar tastes =P

I seriously need to participate in community things more often.
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x-posted to LJ & DW.
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Previously in the Ducharme legacy Liam grew into adulthood and began settling into the role of Heir. He helped younger brother and sister Callum and Alexis get into private school, proving that the Ducharmes could get in without the use of sexual favors. Liam turned out to be the first in the entire family to successfully shmooze. Unfortunately the beginning of the fourth generation also saw the end of Addie. She passed in the presence of her baby-daddy -which didn't seem to bother Liam much at all. He went on with his life by persuing the aliens. After many, many ( >.>) days he was abducted and came home full of alien sprog. His sister, now an adult (Callum left for Uni), was there for him when he gave birth and stayed for a while after. Orion began the fifth generation.

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Yui Lives!

Sep. 28th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Holy shit it's turning out to be a good week! The worst of the house renovations are officially over and I learned some interesting new things to make custom content. Hell fucking yeah.

What could make it better still? I could go for some cheesecake... XD

Update Status: At a standstill because Jesse is making things difficult as usual (thank god he's got Van to slap sense into him). I've got Sloane's last half to go before I get to Drake. The idea is to take a break as I would rather not force it, and work on writing a short vampire themed story based loosely on a dream I had (which would be posted on my dreamwidth). Among various meshing projects, of course. Ohai, Milkshape.
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Previously in the Ducharme legacy a whole lot of nothing happened. The 93595 kids slowly aged up, made messes, went to school, went to work, harassed each other and the cat, were haunted by the water-pissing ghost of their great grandmother, and more or less bored me to death. Thank god we can move on to a new generation that wont have a fuckton of kids. Hell fucking yeah!

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Previously in the Ducharme legacy Addie finally finished the quest for ten kids, rounding it out with Callum and Alexis. Lots of birthdays and Leroy's second death later, Liam is decided as heir simply for being the first son born in the family and thankfully he's not a bad looking kid. They squash bugs, adopt a kitten called Allegra, beat defective plumbing with wrenches and drive each other crazy.

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I'm bored as hell so I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] cpowellscircus.

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Sims3 Help

Jul. 28th, 2010 03:36 pm
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I have a question to those on my list who play TS3 and have for some time, with custom content.

Is anyone else having to wait forever to load a fucking house? When I was using mostly package files it was fine, and I had to do some extra steps to use the sims3packs and have the stuff actually show up. Now it lags more than my Sims 2 game with considerably more stuff. Am I missing something??

Solved the issue thanks to Living Sims' tutorial. Thanks for linking me, Jenny! =D
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I don't feel like doing a lot of commentary but here's pics from TS3 as promised for a certain friend.

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I've decided to give Sims 3 another chance. A friend of mine was ranting and raving about it the other night and with the addition of Ambitions it sounds like it could be so much better than I remember.

For some reason I feel like I need to make an insane tattoo artist that steals shit and kills people in her pool.